13 Dot Com, the b operator of the Bar Mitzvah website considers it very important to make the information on its websites accessible.
Thus, although under the law this site is exempt from making accessibility, the company has chosen to take a number of steps, with the aim that a person with a disability will be able to receive the services provided to all customers, independently and equally.

Website accessibility

This site has an accessibility plugin that allows you to make various accessibility adjustments such as:
Enlarging text, changing color tones, subtle contrast and high contrast, monochrome,
Highlighting links, blocking animation and other adjustments.
In addition, you can contact us for services and information at 058-688-058

If you encounter any problem on this topic or you have suggestions regarding the accessibility of the site, we will be happy for you to update us on this and we will make an effort to find a suitable solution.
You can also contact the company's accessibility coordinator by e-mail at

Enjoy your use of the site!
13 Dot Com
and the Bar Mitzvah website team