Planning Ahead

Most often, preparations are well in advance of the Bar-Mitzvah celebration. Two of the most critical things to plan ahead are the actual date of the Bar-Mitzvah Service and that of the Bar-Mitzvah party if there is to be one. Also, the Tefillin and Tallit (when customary) should be ordered and purchased well in advance of the date. Next, it is of great importance that a decision be made as to what parts of the Prayer Service and/or Torah Reading the Bar-Mitzvah boy will participate in so that he may gauge how much time is needed to prepare adequately.
The sooner the decision is made regarding what type of party, if any, you would like as part of the Bar-Mitzvah celebration the easier it will be to get organized. If your choice is to have a “Kiddush” with refreshments following the Shabbat Service, you will have to consider whether you want to have it catered or not, and what the requirements of the synagogue are. If you choose a celebration requiring a hall, restaurant, or hotel -the sooner you book the date the better.