Pre-Bar-Mitzva Checklist

The following is a checklist to assist you in your preparation for your Bar-Mitzva celebration. It is a good idea to add on to or personalize this list as you approach the Bar-Mitzvah day.
1. The Bar-Mitzva boy’s Hebrew birthday and his Bar-Mitzvah date have been determined.
2. The Tefillin has been purchased.
3. The Tallit has been purchased (if that is your custom).
4. The Synagogue where the Bar-Mitzvah service will be held has been chosen and contacted to confirm the date.
5. The Bar-Mitzvah boy has met the Synagogue Rabbi and/or person in charge of organizing the prayer service (Gabbai) to discuss his role in the service on his Bar-Mitzva day.
6. The Bar-Mitzvah boy has set up a schedule for what and when he needs to prepare for his Bar-Mitzvah including the Torah and Haftorah Readings, Blessings and Prayers, and/or speech.
7. A guest list has been compiled.
8. The party has been organized including:
* Organizing a Kiddush; menu, service, cleanup
* Booking a hall or hotel
* Arranging a menu with a caterer
* Sending out invitations
* Arranging a photographer * Arranging for music
* Coordinating decorations and/or flowers
* Arranging place cards, speakers, and/or entertainment for the party
* Arranging for copies of the “Grace After Meals” (Birkonim) and/or
gifts for the guests
9. Bar-Mitzvah clothes shopping has been completed
10. Candy for the Synagogue service has been purchased.