After The Celebration

By the time that you get to this point, it may seem as if everything has been completed! But you are not quite there yet!
It is important not to forget to thank all of the wonderful guests who were an integral part of making you celebration such a meaningful one. It is important to make special note of the guests who travelled a great distance in order to be with you on your special day. It is a good idea to make an accurate list of exactly which gifts you were given and by whom as soon as possible in order not to lose track of the details. In addition, it is a good idea to keep a copy of the guest list and any other lists or purchasing information which may be of use in future events.
Finally, please send your requests or suggestions to If we have forgotten anything or if you have some of your own “helpful hints”, we would love to hear from you! We intend to continue updating this section based partially upon your suggestions, so….. Let’s get everything organized!