Bar Mitzvah Software

You are getting ready for your big day; your Bar-Mitzvah is finally getting close.
Its exciting, but you are not at all sure how to begin your preparations.
We would like to lend a hand. This program was created to help you and your families
plan a very meaningful and happy Bar-Mitzvah celebration.
This comprehensive guide includes:

Bar Mitzvah Introduction
Torah and Haftorah Blessings
Torah and Haftorah Readings
Tallit and Tefillin laws

Bar-Mitzvah: Introduction and Overview

The introduction will help you become acquainted with the various Bar-Mitzvah basics: What is a "Bar Mitzvah? What is done at a Bar Mitzvah? How does one prepare for this Important event?

Torah and Haftorah Blessings and Readings

The Torah Blessings and Readings section enables you to listen to the Blessing before and after Torah Reading. You may also listen to the Blessing before and after the Haftorah. You will be able to listen to any specific Torah reading and\or Haftorah Reading that you choose. When you feel that you are well prepared, you will be able to record yourself. You may listen to yourself read, as well as let other people listen to you. This way you will have the opportunity to self correct and to benefit from the feedback of others.

Torah and Haftorah readings

Bar Mitzvah Software Our program is very User Friendly. The program screen that is provided to study the Torah or the Haftorah reading enables you to do the following:
Pause the reading at any point.
Return to the beginning of the reading when necessary.
Focus on a specific passage of the reading.
Control the volume.
Move the text upwards at different speeds.

Tallit and Tefillin: Laws and Customs

The Tallit and Tefillin are important components of a Bar-Mitzvah celebration. Our program includes a comprehensive guide to the purchase and proper use of Tallit and Tefillin, according to both Sephardi and Ashkenazi customs.